I have just spent the past two weeks assisting people in recovering from the effects from two separate wildfires.
Here are some of the helpful tips that I have learned:

1. Not all policies are equal-I met several people that had policies that excluded wildfires. I suggest that you have yours checked.
2. Have a "Bug Out" or 72 hour kit prepared. I have three. One for my office, one for home, and one in my car.
3. Fires can move quickly. Its best if you leave early and get out of the way of those trying to protect you and your property.
4. Don't take stupid detours around closed roads. That's how cars burn and big rigs fall of the side of mountains.
5. When volunteering, don't try to be important; put your ego aside and focus on helping people.
6. Get involved early. Become TRAINED in the area in which you want to volunteer.
7. Beware of scammers
8. Become a HAM radio operator.
9. Be prepared in all things. Check your Insurance, your 72 hour kits, and your vehicles regularly.
10. Don't panic. Take a deep breath and focus on each task at hand.

I hope that this little bit of information helps. If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments below.