Have Questions Now?

Its 7am and you have an important insurance question.

What do you do?

Might be less than accurate.
-Your friends?
How many of them are fully licensed and have over 5 years of experience?
- An insurance professional?
That's the right answer! But, Who's open? Do Insurance work that early?
I do, and now have a convenient way to answer your questions.

First, it was setting up a system that allows my commercial clients to access their certificates 24/7;

Now, its providing a 24/6 chat solution.

Anytime, with the exception of Sundays (That's our family day), you can visit our website at www.walesins.com
and click the "Chat now" button on the lower left hand corner of the page to be connected to either myself, or a member of my staff.

There are some restrictions, however:
1. No payment information will be allowed in a chat.
2. No policy changes will be considered made until you receive a confirmation call from us.
3. The chat cannot be held in lieu of and required written documentation.
4. Use of the chat is subject to our terms of service.

Now, that the legal stuff is done, we look forward to providing you with the best service and the best insurance!