Agency Owner

I am looking to increase the size of my staff.
If you are hard working and are looking for a career (not a J.O.B) send us an email.
Become your own Agency Owner!

ADA Suits-Take Two

I was notified last week that 3 more of my clients are facing ADA suits.
If you are facing this challenge, please contact my office as we are looking at ways to pool our resources together against a common defendant.

Casa Delicias

I will be holding a fundraiser for Casa Delicias at the "Hot Rod Halloween" on Saturday, October 29th between 2pm & 5pm. The event will be at the Hesperia Civic Park (15833 Smoke Tree St). I will match any donations received (up to $1,000) for any donations made at my booth. Lets join together and make a difference!


I have just spent the past two weeks assisting people in recovering from the effects from two separate wildfires.
Here are some of the helpful tips that I have learned:


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